I am a Banned Artist

So here’s a thing… recently I submitted work to an exhibition in support of the refugee crisis, the selection committee loved my piece with one caveat, could I please change the rude word it contained to fit with the venue’s policies regarding obscenity.  After some pause, I decided, it’s for a good cause don’t be so precious, so I whipped out my sewing machine a changed the word ‘fuck’ to ‘f*ck’.  Job’s a good ‘un I thought. So work is delivered to the venue and hung by the selection committee.  On the morning of the opening night I receive a message saying my work has been taken down by the venue for being too rude and I must come and remove it as soon as possible.  So I do.  I also alert the press who report it on page 3 of that’s evening’s edition. Take a look

Now, to my mind, the obscenity lies in the global politics which have led to millions of people being made homeless and stateless not in a 3 letter and 1 star word on a protest quilt in Merseyside.  What do you think?

Artist Janette Law with her work "Any Frontier Any Hemisphere" which has been banned from Liverpool Central library as it says "F**K Trump" on it. Picture Jason Roberts

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