Printed Ruins

This is the result of inking the laser cut acrylic with gold ink (only colour I had to hand) and running it through an improvised press (Cricut die cutting machine) I love it!

Laser Love

Yesterday I was mainly discovering the beauty of laser engraving on acrylic can’t help wondering what would happen if I inked this up and ran it through a press… watch this space.

Ruin Lust

Long time no see… it’s definitely catch up time.  Over the summer my work has become all tied up with ruins and decay.  1000’s of photos later and I’m working on a book and an exhibition for Spring 2018. Click for a sneak preview…

I am a Banned Artist

So here’s a thing… recently I submitted work to an exhibition in support of the refugee crisis, the selection committee loved my piece with one caveat, could I please change the rude word it contained to fit with the venue’s policies regarding obscenity.  After some pause, I decided, it’s for a good cause don’t be … More I am a Banned Artist