So this is the painting that started my obsession with the depiction of colour and light in Dutch 17th Century paintings.  This is ‘The Milk Maid’ and dates from around 1658 – 1661.  I came across it on a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and was just blown way.  The following day I […]

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2 Propanol Chromasolv + Indigo and Gold acrylic paint. because the paint has to be very wet and thin for the chromasolv to work well the support needs to be very thick.  This technique shows promise in relation to the broken colour techniques in Vermeer’s Milkmaid   Should try this with indigo and gum arabic and […]

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Investigating technical aspects of accidental painting generated through manipulation of the fluid dynamics of paint when subject to Rayleigh-Taylor instability.   This image results from pouring acrylic paint, pouring medium (PVA + Water in a 2:3 ratio) and spray silicone from a height of around 30cms onto a gessoed canvas. The colours used were Titanium […]

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